How can I pay for my tickets?

If all details are correct in your order summary, please press button ‘PAY WITH CREDIT CARD’. Then the system redirects you to the page of the marked financial provider. On that surface you have to give the required credit card data and other information.

Which bank cards are appropriate for online transaction?

  • Visa card (embossed)
  • MasterCard (embossed)
  • American Express (embossed)
  • Electron (non-embossed): in this case the bank decides the availability of the card for online transaction. If the bank authorizes the online payment, you can pay with your Electron Card at our website. For further information please contact your bank.
  • Maestro (non-embossed)

Please note the followings when filling in credit card details:

  • Bank card number: 16-digit number, without spaces and hyphens. Please note that the bank card number is not equal with the bank account number!
  • Date of expiry: in the same order as shown on the card: month/year. You can choose the date from an opening window.
  • Last 3 digits of the check-number on the back of the card (Security/CVC2 code): embossed cards (Visa Classic, Master Card and American Express) always hold this code, but other type of cards can hold as well. You can find the CVC2 code at the back of the card next/below/above the signature. The code is a 3 digit number – or the last 3 digit from a longer sequence. In case there is a CVC2 code on your card, please enter it when proceeding payment.

How can I get invoice?

We will issue an invoice about your order to the given invoice address and we will send it to you via email.